April Newsletter

Hey there, Pigeon Handlers!

Talk about a rough one. We here at Tierra Negra Fiction are probably like the majority of y’all out there in saying that March 2020 was not a month that we’ll put on the list of great months. No, this certainly was not June 2006 or May 2011. Heck, it wasn’t even close to December of 2017, and we all know how that one went.

Anywho, it’s the first of the month, which means it is time for a newsletter.

Travels and Adventures

March, as stated before, was quite weird indeed. With the world shifting gears out of sequence, our travel time was reduced. The long and short of it was that we did not travel or explore or adventure at all. Hell, we didn’t even get to continue our Quest for the Cuban.

Don’t take that as all bad news, we were just trying to think of everyone’s safety. As soon as we regain some form of normalcy, we’ll be back on the road so you can vicariously venture through the Sunshine State along with your favorite wandering, wayward Texan.

ARC Project

As far as the latest and greatest project is going, our super, secret ARC project entered into the next phase on schedule. We were able to distribute digital copies to all who signed up and are waiting on our own printed proof for the final review. Hopefully, we’ll be able to get those in the mail within the first few weeks of April.

Think all that progress means you’ve missed the boat? Think again! If you want to, read the ARC post, reach out to me via email or social media, and sign up today. There is still plenty of time! Where else are you rewarded for such procrastination?


TANGO is now available on Amazon. Read the description in the Books section or click here to be directed to Amazon to purchase a digital eBook copy.

Photo Tour

Again, without being able to get out and put the rubber to the road, I haven’t got any new pictures for y’all. Womp, womp.

This month’s featured photograph is from the normally bustling downtown district in Ocala. Last Friday night, it was just as much of a Ghost Town as Girvin, Texas.

Weather Report

Florida in the latter part of the month is starting to heat up. We’ve had a few days in the 90s already, and there have been more than a few muggy afternoons. To keep fitness, spirits, and morale up, and while the powers that be allow it, we’ve been taking a small part of each day to go on an isolated walkabout. Two words: sunscreen. Well, I guess that’s technically one word, but you catch my drift.

There was one day where we had multiple, brief rain showers that we heard were a regular thing in FLA, but not a drop otherwise.

For those of you in the Southern Texas region close to North Kosciusko, you’d be interested to know that Ocala is very similar to back home. It’s hot and it’s muggy.

The Wrap Up

During this topsy-turvy time and age we find ourselves in, and no matter your personal thoughts on the situation, one thing we can all do is make sure that we are staying happy, healthy, and sane. I know it’s hard, but this too shall pass. I’ll be doing what I can to provide you with some random entertainment, but make sure to take care of yourself.

Until next time, and like that mural we found out in Ybor City, #StayGolden.


And of course, there is that little teaser from last month.

That’s right! I know that you and Janet from Accounting have been just waiting to find out what this is all about.

In June, I’ll be releasing my very first Non-Fiction book titled Cool Cats. As can be inferred from the title, this book will be about some very cool cats. There will be more on this later this week, so stay tuned!

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