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“Are you wanting all of us to join you on some sort of boat?” You ask, imagining being stuck on a sailing ship for an unseen amount of time with Janet from Accounting.

Nay! That’s an Ark, and there’s Noah way I have that kind of time.

“Are you wanting us to inspect welding arcs then? Isn’t that bad for your eyes?”

Again, not that kind of arc. Think acronyms. An ARC is an Advanced Reader Copy, which is exactly what it sounds like. An ARC is a [FREE!!!] copy of a book that is distributed before it is released in exchange for an honest review. If you are unfamiliar with how reviews work for authors, let me break it down just a wee bit.

Reviews are what help authors sell books, especially self-published authors who aren’t in mainstream, brick and mortar bookstores. In the digital world, especially Amazon, reviews are what get books going. There’s a whole science to it, but that’s a story for another day.

At any rate, in the spirit of our reVision 2020 vision for 2020, we are asking the Pigeon Handling faithful for volunteers to sign up to be an ARC Reader. I am very aware that ARC Reader comes straight from the Department of Redundancy Department, but that’s a product of the internet for you.

As stated, if interested you would receive a free copy of an upcoming book in exchange for an honest review once the title is released. Now the key word is HONEST. This isn’t a ploy to pad numbers; I want your completely truthful opinion. Not only does it help me be a better writer, but it keeps the integrity of the system intact. If you so choose to participate, understand that you are under no pressure to write a good review. If the book is terrible? Tell the world! Now, hopefully that’s not gonna happen, but I want you to know you have that kind of power. Everyone loves power.

Anywho, if you are still here, here is a little breakdown of what the schedule looks like:


Decide whether or not you want to sign up and contact me if you have any questions [let’s face it, I’ve confused myself with this post].

  • Email
  • Facebook
    • Follow us at and send us a direct message. You can say you want to join in the comments of the pinned facebook post, just don’t put your email in there for privacy reasons.
  • Twitter
    • Follow us on twitter @ted_akin and send us a direct message. You can say you want to join in the comments of the pinned tweet, just don’t put your email in there for privacy reasons.

Once all the participants have signed up, I’ll contact you to get your preference on whether you would like to receive a paperback or digital copy. In the event of a paperback copy, I will need to get your address in order to mail you the book. Don’t worry, addresses will only be used for this purpose and will be deleted upon completion of the ARC process.


Depending on the schedule of editing and formatting, I will be ready to distribute ARCs at the end of March or early April. Once you your copy, read it at your leisure. The planned release date for the first project is June 5th, so you should have plenty of time.

During this time if you finish, it would be appreciated if you would let me know that you have done so and if there are any comments you would like to address.

June 5th

This is the proposed released date that I have in mind. What this means for you is that once the book is released and live on Amazon, it would be great if you could head over to and find the book’s page and leave your review. Again, we want HONEST reviews.

Don’t worry about going on a wild goose hunt or picking the wrong title, I’ll be sending emails all throughout the process and will likely send you a link on release date.

This is a light version of the breakdown for the first project. There is a chance that I’ll have another one coming up shortly after this one kicks off, so basically I’d send out a message with the same schedule, just advanced one month or so. That one is still up in the air, so we’ll burn that bridge when we get to it. If everything works out, you could be getting two free books in the span of two months.

So, there you have it in a nutshell. If this is something that sounds interesting to you and you want a free book or two, let us know by reaching out. I can’t tell you how much I would appreciate your involvement and help. Until then, take care!


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