The things that go bump in the night aren’t always under the bed. What better place for them to hide than out in the open?

West Texas Swing

Poisonous gas? An accidental demise? Missing oil? Klive Anderson’s world just took a wrong turn down the lease road. Right before his days off. To solve this oil patch mystery, he’s going to need all of his know-how, a little help from a friend, and a whole lot of coffee.


Once upon a time, as most tales are wont to begin, there was an enchanted land. Magic abound to be sure, though not in the way that one might think. Nay, nary a castle to be found and neither king nor queen to be heard from. Knights or knaves? Damsels in distress? Hardly. To be true there is a bit of questing and some discussion on the nature of dragons, but all in all it’s just not that kind of faerietale.


An anthology of Christmas themed short stories to raise money for Avon Riding Centre for the Disabled.

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