Florida: The Adventure Beginneth

One Gator. One Iguana. A Handful of free range chickens and one very out of place rabbit.

Crossing signs for Key Deer, Bears, and Panthers. Speed Limits signs for both night and day, both of which are blatantly ignored.

Up one side of the coast and down the other, with a few stops in between.

Friends, Welcome to Florida.

That’s right, Pigeon Handlers, if you were still under the impression I was just joshing about packing up and relocating to the Sunshine State, surprise! Yessir indeed, me and the old Soccer Mom Mobile loaded up with just the essentials and cut out across the country to join my fellow retirees on that eastern peninsula to soak up the sunshine years. Alright, I’m not really retired, just retired from the oil patch but it’s more fun to say than I’m taking a sabbatical. So whatever we want to call it, we can all agree that it’s an adventure for sure.

Yes, just like Ponce de Leon, I’m here to explore the area. Am I looking for the fountain of youth? Not specifically, but I’m not going to not take a dip if I find it. No, we’re just here for a good time and to experience life that is just a Little Less Texas. Over the foreseeable future, join me as I put pen to paper [fingers to keyboards] on all that Florida has to offer. From the Panhandle to the Keys, the flora and fauna, and the Quest for the Cuban, there will be plenty of miles and memories. There’s even a chance I make it to Disney to find and profess my love to Queen Elsa, who knows. 

So if you’ve got nothing better to do with your reading future, come along as I attempt to soak up some sun and fun all while channeling my inner Hemingway [and Tim Dorsey] in the great state they call Florida. And remember, Do Not Feed Alligators!

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