June Newsletter

Howdy and Hola, Pigeon Handlers!

It may seem like it’s been some time since our last newsletter, and that’s precisely because it has been. In fact, it’s been a month. Let’s get the ball rolling on the June Newsletter.


For some, the world is starting to come back to whatever new normal we’re going to have for a while, and other’s are still feeling the effects of the world crashing down.

I’ll be the first to admit that times have been tough over the past few months, and that’s just in my own little world. For everyone out there who has has to fight through adversity of any kind, my hat is off to you. If they haven’t already, I’ll keep my fingers crossed and say a little prayer that things start going your way.


It’s about that time folks. So much so, that the time has come! A day early, Whammy is now available to purchase on Amazon! You can purchase a paperback copy today, but if digital is your preferred flavor, check out the link tomorrow as the eBook version of Whammy will be available for free June 4th and 5th!

I’ll have another post come out soon, or you can check out the Books section for more information.

To purchase your copy today, click the link or picture below:

Whammy on Amazon!!!

A quick word on reviews: If you do purchase a copy of any of my books from Amazon, please do consider leaving an honest review. Reviews help out in numerous ways.

  1. They help your fellow readers find their next read, whether that means they choose a specific title or save their money.
  2. They help me writer gooder and betterer. An honest review tells me things that I did well and things that I can improve upon. That ends up creating a better product for everyone.
  3. I’ll admit to being selfish on this last one. Book reviews helps a book sell. There is no way around that one. The more reviews a book has (good and bad), the more likely that book is to be either selected by a reader or plugged into Amazon’s algorithm for plugging titles in as suggestions. Purchasing and reviewing any work by any author is absolutely the best thing you can do to help your favorite indie author out.


While we here at TNF still haven’t been able to explore more of Florida, we did put some miles on the old Soccer Mom Mobile. There is only so much apartment one can take, so I’m back in the Lone Star State for a few days. See some friends, see some family, see my dog, and if I’m lucky, I’ll find some time to sit down and have some high quality tractor time. There’s nothing more therapeutic (a baseless accusation) than make a few rounds in an old John Deere.

Also, while I haven’t been able to find the next great Cuban Sandwich, I have reunited the best Polish Sausage in the state. Wiatrek’s, of course. At the time of writing, I’m on my second link.

The Wrap Up

That about does it for this post, but make sure you stay tuned to either the website or the Facebook page as I’ve got some things in the works for June. They’ll be a little bit different than what we’ve been used to, but hopefully they’ll still be entertaining. I’ll take you through a little of the backside of what goes into the marketing of book writing, write a story or two, and tell you all about the time I climbed a mountain. Until then, I hope that while your world may not go back to normal, I’ll send good vibes your way so that at least it may get better.

#StayGolden, Pigeon Handlers

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