Kim’s Kuban

Who’s Hungry?!

Yes indeed, Pigeon Handlers, here is the first serving in our Quest for the Cuban! This is where we’ll be showcasing the best places around FLA to get a Cuban Sandwich. Today we are taking a bite out of a little hole in the wall gem that is Kim’s Kuban.

Conveniently located just a short walk away from my hotel on the beautiful Key West, Kim’s Kuban is a no nonsense shop that has one goal in mind: good food and a great Cuban Sandwich.

“Spoiler alert.” You say as we haven’t even touched the meat of the article and I’ve already revealed the verdict.

There wasn’t anything spoiled about this place. Fresh food prepared with care and skill. Kim’s Kuban Cuban Mix was the most absolutely perfect way for me to start my quest for great Cuban Sammiches. You’ve got the standards: Ham. Pulled Pork. Pickles. Mustard. Cuban Bread. Now, despite the strides I’ve made into my diet, sometimes I still default to the picky side of life and opted to forgo the lettuce, tomatoes, and associated rabbit food. I’m sure if that’s your dish, it won’t disappoint. 

Now for the good stuff. Kim’s puts their own little spin on this meal by swapping out Swiss cheese and throwing down a few slices of yella ‘merican that’s melted to perfection. Did they stop there? Nay. Sliced Pepperoni. And the effect? A sandwich whose taste bites back! The ham was on point, pulled pork cooked like they could do it in their sleep, and just enough creativity to put this meal onto a whole ‘nother level. 

But don’t stop there! If you’ve got any more room in your gullet after powering through the Cuban Mix, treat yourself to some of their Tostones. 

“What’s that?” You ask, proud of your Saltine-American heritage.

Tostones are most commonly sliced plantains twice fried. In the Kim’s Kuban tradition, they put their own a-peel-ing [I cannot express how proud of that piece of literary gold I am] spin on this snack. When I asked the same question you did, I was informed their version of Tostones was a banana pressed into a patty and fried up to a tasty, golden brown. The result? A discus that should only be tossed down in flavor town. 

Now I’m a traveler who absolutely loves to take to the streets and walkabout whilst exploring a new place. After my trip to Kim’s Kuban though, I had to call it an early night and go rest on a full belly which put me into siesta noche mode, ready for one of those all night kinda naps.

Final Verdict: Solid 11/10. Work the Walk and the Price of Admission.

Spanish to Gringo consulting provided by Maria R. Riegger, friend and bombastic writer. Check her out here!

Do you know a great place to get a good Cuban Sandwich? Let us know in the comments or on any of the social media time wasters and we might check it out!

This article is part of the Quest for the Cuban, which is part of the travel segment A Little Less Texas. Enjoy!

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