Latin American Cafe

Good afternoon!

We’re back and ready to launch into lunch for another stop on our Quest for the Cuban!

“That’s a lot of excitement for a Monday,” You say as your own personal case of the Mondays and Janet from Accounting have you lagging.

You bet it is! Today we’re taking a bite out of another great Cuban Sammich, this time from the Latin American Café.

Nestled inconspicuously in a shopping center in Ocala, Florida, the Latin American Café is perfecting the art of urban camouflage. Just when you think you’re headed into yet another strip mall eatery, think again! LAC is just the type of hole in the wall surprise that will leave you full, fat, and happy.

Made with the staple ingredients we’ve come to know from the Cuban recipe, this sammich checks off all the boxes. You’ve got your pork, your ham, and your cheese. There’s the mustard and the delicious dill. And there’s the bread. Adding a little greenery and color to this bad is a healthy dose of garnish that adds flavor and just enough green to make you feel good about eating it!

For a side, they offer a wide variety options and choices. I was tempted to try the grilled yucca, but when I saw our friend fried tostones on the menu, I couldn’t pass them up. Bonus: They send you out a saucer of Mojo to dip the tostones in and that garlicy, vinegary, oniony, tangy goodness is top notch. Even better when you treat your sammich like a French Dip and send it for a bath.

Final Verdict: 10/10 When the French Dip goes Cuban.

Do you know a great place to get a good Cuban Sandwich? Let us know in the comments or on any of the social media time wasters and we might check it out!

This article is part of the Quest for the Cuban, which is part of the travel segment A Little Less Texas. Enjoy!

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