March Newsletter

Hey there, Pigeon Handlers!

Have you and Janet from Accounting been wondering where we’ve been? Well, have no fear! We’re still here and we’ve been busy. I tried doing something like this last year or the year before, but got side-tracked. But this is the year! That’s right, it’s time for a newsletter!

Travels and Adventures

I took a little time over the past few weeks to get out and do some exploring in the new state. Now that I’ve been settled into Ocala, I really needed to get out of the apartment and put some miles on the road. These are a few of the places:

  • Ormond and Daytona Beach
  • Ybor City
  • Crystal River

Keep an eye out on whichever place you use to keep up with the site, as we’ll be going into to details some of the fun times and good food you can get in these places. Yes, there will be a Cuban Sammich or two, maybe even a grand old slice of Key Lime Pie.

ARC Project

If you read through the ARC post, you’ll know that we’ve got a new release in the works and are currently in the last stages of development. Right now, the project is in the final edits, then there will be the proofing and formatting stage. For those of you who signed up, I hope to be able to distribute copies at the end of March or early April.

If you didn’t read the aforementioned post, check it out here! If it sounds like something you’d be interested in, there still might be a little time to sign up!

Photo Tour

I’ve been bad about taking pictures on some of the adventures, but I’ll be sure to start snapping some photos. For now, enjoy another look at our feature shot. This is the Theater in downtown Ocala all lit up nice and pretty-like.

Weather Report

Florida is roughly as advertised: Sunny. But a fun fact you might not have realized is that people in central Florida have the same catchphrase about the finicky nature of the outdoors as we do back in Texas: If you don’t like the weather, give it ten minutes. Some days it’s raining, some days its muggy, and some days, surprisingly enough, it’s a little chilly!

The Wrap Up

Keep your eyes peeled to the website and facebook page for updates on posts. There will be another post coming out soon and more to come in the following weeks. And who knows, maybe I’ll remember to make a habit of a newsletter this time. That remains to be seen, though. Until then, keep it classy, San Diego.


Just to start building a little buzz and some excitement, here’s a little teaser photo for you. Enjoy!

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