Talk Nerdy To Me: May 2019

With the Avengers ending this past weekend, Star Wars concluding in winter, Supernatural coming to a close next year, three more episodes of Game of Thrones, and no sign of Sherlock in sight, this is a tough time to be a nerd. At least that’s what me and my sister have thought. But what separates thinkers from doers? Action!

No, I’m not going to take my kilt and blossoming mullet out into the world to start fighting crime. We’ve decided to start a book club. Technically, its not really a club yet. A club has to have more than two people, or so I’ve read. At any rate, we have a plan:

Pick one book a month, preferably one that is in the process of becoming a series or movie so that we can find the next nerd thing to watch. After that, anything goes we reckon.

Now comes the part where you can join in. If you would like to join our digital club, the process is simple. Get the book we have picked, read it, and then hit me up via any form of Interweb Carrier Pigeon (email, facebook, tweeter, instabuela, etc) and I’ll send you some sort of questionnaire asking about the book. Then at the end of each month, I’ll gather up everyone’s thoughts and work it into a poorly written interweb article.

For the month of May, my sister has chosen The Last Wish by Andrzej Sapkowski.

If you’d like to play along, get a copy and start reading today!

Take care,


“Wait a cotton picking minute! Are you telling me that we made it through an entire post about books and you didn’t once try to shamelessly get us to buy one of your mediocre stories?” You ask as you make it to the end of the article and are devastated at the lack of self-promotion.

My apologies, if you don’t want to ever read another author ever again because you can’t get enough of me for free, visit Amazon today and buy yourself a colorful drink coaster.

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