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[sounds similar to a dinner bell ringing, but its actually just a fork banging on a knock-off Yeti cup]

Howdy and Hola, Pigeon Handlers!

You betcha, that’s right! Another entry in our quest to find some of the best Cuban Sandwiches around takes us to a little stop on the Overseas Highway in Islamorada, Florida, appropriately named Overseas Kitchen. Now, while this is not specifically a Cuban Sammich destination as they offer a range of different sandwiches and offer a Greek selection [a definite win for fans of gyros], they had our friend in the form of their Cuban Panini. So I hope you’re hungry and Janet from Accounting is distracted because we’re about get that bread.

Variety is the spice of life [or at least I think that’s how that saying goes] and every pitcher knows a little change up now and then can be a good thing. The Cuban Panini offers just that. Stepping up to bat for the traditional pulled, roasted pork is simply a sliced of Cuban style pork. A little sweet, a little juicy, and a whole lot of flavor, it was a refreshing addition. The ham, however, stole the show today. Since the we were already gifted with multiple slices already, Overseas Kitchen slams down a thick cut of ham. We’re talking Uncle Mike forgot his glasses when carving up Christmas dinner thick. To round out this bad boy, we had the standard dill pickles and Swiss cheese, with one more twist: spicy brown mustard. All of this was tucked away in Le Bread and pressed flat, living up to that Panini name.

Every hero needs a good sidekick, and this meal was no different. Being a restaurant with a little more variety, Overseas Kitchen has a few options when it comes to second fiddle. I punted the choice to the staff and boy was I rewarded. Their onion rings, which were the recommendation, were phenomenal. Talk about melt in your mouth. Didn’t think you could describe fried Shrek snacks like that? Take you a little drive down the Overseas Highway and find out.

10/10. You’d be hard pressed to pass on the Cuban Panini.

Do you know a great place to get a good Cuban Sandwich? Let us know in the comments or on any of the social media time wasters and we might check it out!

This article is part of the Quest for the Cuban, which is part of the travel segment A Little Less Texas. Enjoy!

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