reVision 2020

What’s the good news, Pigeon Handlers?

Well, I sincerely hope that everyone’s new year is off to a great start and exceeding expectations. And if you’ve already given up on your resolutions, don’t sweat it. If you and Janet from Accounting end up losing too much weight, then ya’ll will have to buy new clothes and that can get expensive. What with the price of PF Fliers and brogan boots shooting through the roof. Heck, even the trusty old 13MWZs have gone up a little. Rest assured, all that matters is whether you are happy, and nothing is happier than tacos.

I had all sorts of plans to write a big finale to wrap up my adventure in the Florida Keys, but the push to the end of the year and the holidays had me running all over the country [at least the eastern part]. Safe to say, I still hate all parts of I-10 that are associated with Houston. After thousands of miles, I was just happy to spend the holidays on the farm. I still plan on doing a few more Keys stories to tie up loose ends, mainly a budget eats, a cautionary tale, and the crowning of the Tierra Negra Fiction’s Cuban Sammich Champion of the Keys.

“It sounds like all you did in the Keys was eat.” You say as you stay strong and put away the bowl of ice cream.

Remember what I said about tacos and happiness? Eat your heart out, and quit interrupting. But I’m glad you brought that up, because that’s the point of this post. I’ve finally settled into the next chapter of the journey in Ocala, Florida and I’ve finally got a bona fide writing space [featured in the photo, look how that rug ties the room together]. If you noticed by my ultra-clever title, the new year is bringing a whole new vision. But not just any vision. No, it’s the same vision, but revised. A reVision. And its like 2020 Vision, because I couldn’t get enough of using that pun last year.

If you are still with me and only mildly confused, here is the scoop. In addition to adventures that are A Little Less Texas, I’m going to be going back and touching up some of the past content that TNF started with. Why? I like to think that I’m a little bit better behind the keyboard now, and I want you all to get the highest quality mediocre content that I can give you. Also, it’ll make me look like I’m way busier than I actually am.

Some stuff will be getting a little fluff up, others might get overhauled entirely. Who knows [I do], you may even see some genuine cowboy poetry. If you are unfamiliar, google it. If you are familiar, rest assured I won’t be taking it seriously.

Finally, and perhaps [extreme emphasis on perhaps] most exciting of all, I’ve decided to take the professional writing game to the next level. Plot Twist: It’s a surprise.

“You spent all this effort writing a post and you’re not going to lay everything out in the open?” You ask, slightly jealous of Janet from Accounting’s resolve as you cave and have that second bowl of cookie dough ice cream.

Yes! It’s called building suspense! And look how well I did it. Anywho, I can promise you this: The Pigeon Handling faithful will have a new story before the twitterpation of spring. And you thought I just spent my time in the Keys eating.

So, as I conclude this message [conclusions are another useful skill in the world of word scribbling], I want to reiterate [and that’s called a cinnamon word, because its sweeter than the basic word I could have used] the I wish everyone the best as we march along into a new year. A new decade mind you. We here at Tierra Negra Fiction know that you have many options for mediocre content and we say thanks that you’ve chosen to waste your time with us.

Take care!


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