Texas Tales and Trails

Howdy, Pigeon Handlers.

“Did you use howdy because this post is about your former state Texas?” You ask yourself, hoping that Janet from Accounting doesn’t get wind and start drawling and yeehawing.

You betcha! Just because you take the guy out of the Republic of Texas doesn’t mean you can take the Republic of Texas out of the guy. Though there is an entire flag dedicated to you should you wish to try.

Texas Tales and Trails is our “newest segment” for our reVision 2020 vision for 2020. Sure, I might get crazy and pen a new story about the Lone Star State, but at the onset this is where we’ll be revisiting some of the older stories and adventures from the early days.


I am glad you asked! As with just about anything in life, people tend to get better as they craft their trade. That means that I got bored one night and reread some of that old crap and gagged. But, since I am in constant need of content, I decided I would polish that garbage up and give it to you again. Mayhaps it wont be better, but it will be different. And that’s our mission: Here at Tierra Negra Fiction, we strive to bring you the most medicore content presented in the okayest way. That’s a promise you can count on.

“What about the new people here? You know, the ones who never read any of those stories to begin with?”

Then they can just ignore what I said about polishing crap and can enjoy these stories for the first time! You know, like some stubborn 33 year-old who has never seen Star Wars and feel entitled about it, then watches it. No, I’m not comparing my crap to Star Wars. I am, however, comparing myself to George Lucas by going back and adding and revising old things when no one asked me to. And that’s not just blog posts…hint, hint.

Anywho, that’s enough rambling, cause it’s time to saddle up and ride out. Whether you’ve been missing some Texas Tales or you want to learn about some Texas Trails, get ready for some, well, Texas Tales and Trails. I could have worded that better but hey, I’ll just come back in a few years and redo it.

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