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This is the Aviary, a sort of gateway for all of my released and published stories. As The People’s Writer [A Writer For The People], I strive to bring you the mediumest quality of work and entertainment. At Tierra Negra Fiction, my goal is to provide you the Pigeon Handlers with entertainment in an aesthetically pleasing format. I myself find that advertisements, pop ups, click baits, etc. are an eyesore. That’s why I’ve chosen not to include them into the world of TNF. Also, your privacy is important to me and I would never want some outside program stealing your data or information just because you find me somewhat entertaining.

If you truly discover enjoyment from what you read at TNF, you are more than welcome to help support my passion* and purchase these available works. And if not, don’t sweat it. Stick around and hopefully you will find something that you do enjoy. You being here and reading my crazy adventures still brings a smile to my face. Thank you and Take Care!

*I know what your thinking, and yes…I did flick what little hair I have left to the side like a pretentious douchebag when I wrote “my passion”. Winking smiley faced emotioncon.

West Texas Swing

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