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Tired of reading but can’t get enough of Tierra Negra Fiction? Have no fear! I understand that life isn’t just about the same 26 letters and 10 numbers. Here in The Coop you can get your fill of visual media. Check out the categories below.

Some reading may be required.

For The People Fridays

Every now and then, you need a little motivation to get through your day. Tune into the various forms of social media every Friday for new photos. Why Fridays? Because Fridays are For The People [That means you, Pigeon Handlers].


Comics? Yes Pigeon Handlers, in addition to being an unsuccessful farmer, mediocre writer, world’s okayest musician, Chief Pigeon Handler and The People’s Writer [A Writer For The People], ya boy TD is also a fair-to-middling illustrator. Comics are coming soon so stay tuned!