The Mojo Grill

Bang on the lunch bell, Pigeon Handlers, it’s lunch time.

“Isn’t that a little redundant?” You ask, hoping that the clanging hasn’t alerted Janet from Accounting.

You bet it is! Anywho, today we’re talking about a neat little eatery here in Ocala, Florida called the Mojo Grill. It’s blue, it’s big, and it’s fun. And, in the spirit of our Quest for the Cuban, it’s a pretty good place to get our new favorite sammich. Without any further ado, let’s dig in!

Mojo Grill isn’t just a sammich dispensary. Nay, nay! In fact, they’ve got a full, super good menu of all sorts of delicious food items, some of which we’ll talk about. But first, the Cuban.

This Crazy Cuban was crazy good. Loaded up with that juicy roasted pork and hearty slices of ham, it was rounded out with all the usual suspects. Dill, Mustard, Cheese, and bread [super crunchy style].

Now, on our particular visit, we had just finished a 4+mile hike at a nearby state park, so we were hungrier than usual. Instead of this meaning that we finished the sammich in one sitting, we opted for more food out of the gate. Mostly because I find it hard to turn down wings. Mojo’s got all sorts of flavors, but because we were feeling bullet proof and dangerous, we went with Mango Habanero. The ultimate meeting of heat and sweet, these flappers were the bomb.

To balance out both the Cuban and the wings, responsible choices were made, and a side salad rounded out the meal. But Mojo’s knows what’s up…there was bacon on that salad. Two thumbs up.

Final Verdict: 10/10 If you show up with a big appetite, still expect to leave with a to-go box.

Do you know a great place to get a good Cuban Sandwich? Let us know in the comments or on any of the social media time wasters and we might check it out!

This article is part of the Quest for the Cuban, which is part of the travel segment A Little Less Texas. Enjoy!

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