Waitin’ On A Plunger

What it is, Pigeon Handlers?

Today, I present to you a song parody at the request of a good friend. Without any further buttering up the biscuit, here is Waitin’ On A Plunger, set to the tune of Brad Paisley’s Waitin’ On A Woman.

Disclaimer: If you are unfamiliar with the oil and gas industry, absolutely zero percent of this will make sense to you. All I can tell you is that this has nothing to do with plumbing.

Sittin’ in my truck in the AC,
He walked up in his FRCs and asked me
You waitin’ on a plunger?
I nodded yeah and it’s way past lunch.
He said hand, I’ve got a hunch, you’ll still be
Waitin’ on a plunger.
There’s lots of things that could go wrong,
Forget you timed your fall time long,
Or you’ll have to fight through a burp of gas.
Maybe there’s some paraffin,
Or you left the valve shut closed again.
Either way, you’re going nowhere fast.
One time I ran a little dry on luck,
Didn’t hot oil and then it stuck, so I was
Waitin’ on a plunger.
Then he spit and cussed like old hands do,
Call a fishing rig in an hour or two, while your
Waitin’ on a plunger.
You might as well go run your route,
You being here won’t bring it out.
Might as well get some stuff done.
Go pull some bottoms or light the flare,
If you stay here longer, you’ll lose your hair.
And getting plum frustrated ain’t no fun, especially
Waitin’ on a plunger.
I said man, I don’t mind,
Cause I’m already on overtime.
Waitin’ on a plunger.

Brad Paisley: If you have nothing better going on in your world and have stumbled upon this, my apologies. Please don’t load Peyton Manning up in the Nationwide bus and come looking to give me the business.

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